gcse tuition

The challenging new 9-1 syllabus for GCSEs is widely regarded as a game-changer in the National Curriculum so naturally we understand why parents and pupils are anxious. Our professional tutors are well-equipped with the new syllabus and assessment styles with a wide range of brand new resources to hand. Subjects taught include:

  • Maths

  • English Literature & English Language

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • And More Upon Request!


With our own exclusive course notes developed by experienced tutors with a strong track record at GCSE and A-Levels, and studied Physics at Durham University and Electrical Engineering at the University of Warwick, we are able to deliver an unparalleled Physics tuition experience. By breaking down complex topics into simple, easy-to-understand concepts, followed by extensive question practice which certifies that the theory has been consolidated, all students at all abilities can benefit from our GCSE Physics course.


We are able to offer an all-inclusive, fully comprehensive Chemistry course which simplifies and streamlines the entire Chemistry syllabus at GCSE level. Produced by a Chemist at King’s College London and a Chemical Engineer at the University of Birmingham, both with several years of teaching experience in Chemistry at GCSE and A-Level, our Chemistry course notes explain all the intricacies and specialist terms in a simplistic manner, accessible to all students on their path to success in their Chemistry GCSE.


Our team of skilled biologists, including a Dentistry student at the University of Birmingham, have compiled their tried-and-tested exam techniques, and their technical expertise into a detailed and accessible GCSE Biology course. By condensing the entire GCSE Biology syllabus into just six packs which have been divided according to the way students are inclined to visualise the course, we are able to lay the foundations for each topic before expanding into the more specialist topics so that all students can take benefit from our course.

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Working with a Mathematics Graduate from UCL, and a Masters student in Computer Science at Imperial College London with over six years of tutoring Maths at GCSE, A-Level and Degree level, we have created a bespoke, specialist, all-encompassing course GCSE Maths course. By developing all our students’ base in the very fundamentals of Maths, followed by in-depth question practice. before advancing to more complex topics, we are able to use established and trusted techniques to prepare students for their GCSE Maths exams, and beyond.

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A strong grasp of the English language - in speaking, reading and writing - is widely regarded as one of the most distinguishing factors that is the key to your child’s success in further education, and in the workplace in their later life. At Right Step Academy, we see the value in promoting our students’ skill in both English Literature and English Language. As such, we have produced our own, unique course notes to give our students a solid foundation in preparation for their English Literature and Language exams. With individual packs for each text covered at GCSE level, we are able to cater to all students from schools in Slough.