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GCSE Biology at Right Step Academy

Our team of skilled biologists, including a Dentistry student at the University of Birmingham, have compiled their tried-and-tested exam techniques, and their technical expertise into a detailed and accessible GCSE Biology course. By condensing the entire GCSE Biology syllabus into just six packs which have been divided according to the way students are inclined to visualise the course, we are able to lay the foundations for each topic before expanding into the more specialist topics so that all students can take benefit from our course.


Our Process

At Right Step Academy, we follow a simple 3-step process for
GCSE Biology tuition:

1) All students work through our uniquely created Biology syllabus which covers each topic across the entire GCSE specification. Our course notes consist of six packs:
• Cell Biology
• Infection & Response
• Bioenergetics
• Homeostasis
• Inheritance, Variation & Evolution
• Ecology
Each pack aims to establish the foundations for the topic covered in a very straightforward way, before building upon that knowledge towards the more complex, higher-level concepts.
By working through the packs in this manner, we are able to ensure that the course of study is accessible, as well as personalised, for each student.

2) The student revisits each individual topic using the exam board issued specification, textbooks and other learning material to fill in any gaps in their knowledge.

3) To consolidate their learning and prepare for the examinations themselves, students will work through our extensive question bank, curated by our specialist content developers. With this regular question practice under timed conditions, as well as several mock assessment dates scheduled throughout the year, students will become thoroughly primed for success in their exam.